Apocalypse: A History of the End of Time

9 dec. , 2016   Video

apocalypse-a-history-of-the-end-of-timeThe ancient Egyptians would have known it as the sixth day of Pachon. The Mayans named it 4 Ahau 3 Kankin. To us it is 21 December, 2012. On this day, it is said, the world will come to an end. This is not the first time we’ve been told that our time is up. And – touch wood – it probably won’t be the last. Religious and secular, past and present – Apocalypse covers each and every one of our prophesized dooms: featuring asteroids, Antichrists, solar flares, Singularities, Utopias, UFOs, Zoroastrians and Zapotecs, to mention but a small few. The result is a thorough history of one the most fascinating threads of our cultural existence: spanning from the first warnings of our ancient ancestors, to the contemporary (yet equally glum) forecasts for our future. >>> DETALII

VIDEO: Absolutely don’t watch this film


Mayan Calendar – Sun & Sirius & Black Hole – 26.000 Years Cycle (Interpretation by

Francisco de Holanda – “De Aetatibus Mundi Imagines” (1543–1573):

francisco-de-holanda-de-aetatibus-mundi-imagines-136 francisco-de-holanda-de-aetatibus-mundi-imagines-137 francisco-de-holanda-de-aetatibus-mundi-imagines-138 francisco-de-holanda-de-aetatibus-mundi-imagines-139 francisco-de-holanda-de-aetatibus-mundi-imagines-140 francisco-de-holanda-de-aetatibus-mundi-imagines-141 francisco-de-holanda-de-aetatibus-mundi-imagines-144 francisco-de-holanda-de-aetatibus-mundi-imagines-146 francisco-de-holanda-de-aetatibus-mundi-imagines-148

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