Old Stone Monuments

16 nov. , 2016   Video

old-stone-monumentsThis important early survey of ancient stone monuments includes examples, many now long gone, from India, Ceylon, North Africa and Europe. In the author’s own words „one of the most interesting of antiquarian studies is that which relates to the origin and purpose of the many ancient mounds and monuments found in almost every country.” >>> DETALII

VIDEO: Standing stones, megaliths, Dolmen, Menhir

James Fergusson FRS (22 January 1808 – 9 January 1886) was a Scottish architectural historian, mainly remembered for his interest in Indian historical architecture and antiquities. He was an important figure in the 19th century rediscovery of ancient India. He was originally a businessman, and though not formally trained as an architect, designed some buildings and decorative schemes. (SURSA)

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