19 sept. , 2016  

poster-saturnHis rings make him one of the most beautiful objects in the solar system: Saturn is a giant with size. Could a 100 km / h fast car drive round the visible rings, it would be a whole year on the road. The whole beauty of the ringed planet and the orange moon Titan is clearly visible even with a simple telescope. that the planet, unlike the stars do not shine by itself, is not quite right: Saturn shines even a little even, it radiates more energy than it receives from the sun. By 2004 the gas giant will come again in the headlines, when the NASA space probe „Cassini” is closer to the giant 7jährger travel through space with its 30 moons – the first visit since 1981. Included is the European ESA-landing probe „Huygens” which will end up with a parachute to Titan, the second largest moon in the solar system. Its clouds are so dense that we still do not know if it’s icy surface is not on there, perhaps even oceans of methane or ethane. (Atentie, posterul este in limba germana!) >>> DETALII

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