Egyptian Civilization: Its Sumerian Origin & Real Chronology

2 nov. , 2016   Video

„What put me on the track of the new evidence was the discovery that a great deal in the ancient Indian Epics and Vedas regarding the Early Aryans, hitherto considered fabulous is historic. Comparing the King-Lists of the Early Aryans in the Puranas with the records of the Sumerian Mesopotamian kings on their inscribed monuments and in the official Mesopotamian King-Lists, I observed that the two records, Early Aryan and Sumerian, are in entire agreement from the First Dynasty, Aryan and Sumerian, down through the long period of over two thousand years to the opening of the classic Greek epoch in Europe; and that the identity was complete not only in the names, titles, order of succession and exploits of the kings, but extended to such minute details as the names of their consorts and sons, and to the culture, language, writing, religion, symbolism, arts and industries of the peoples over whom they ruled.” (L.A. Waddell) >>> DETALII

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