From Ancient Aliens to the Shift: The Grand Unified Theory

12 dec. , 2016   Video

from-ancient-aliens-to-the-shift-the-grand-unified-theory-1There are countless books, television programs and film documentaries which present convincing arguments purporting to prove that we are being visited by an advanced civilization not of this planet. This book begins by presenting a sampling of the cases that no one has been able to explain away since the modern era of UFO sightings started in 1947. This book also analyzes the reasons why are we not hearing the complete details regarding what people are seeing.


VIDEO: Klaus Dona – Unsolved Mysteries pt.2: Ancient Artifacts & Extreme Antiquity

from-ancient-aliens-to-the-shift-the-grand-unified-theory-2From Ancient Aliens to the Shift further explores the obvious question: If these visitations exist, when did they start? Unusual artifacts and legends from all over the world, and from cultures that span the millennia show that humans may not have been the smartest species in the celestial neighborhood for quite some time. This book also explore the spiritual implications for our times. >>> DETALII

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