Our Cosmic Ancestors

12 dec. , 2016   Video

our-cosmic-ancestors-maurice-chatelainA former NASA expert documents evidence left in codes inscribed on ancient monuments pointing to the existence of an advanced prehistoric civilization regularly visited (and technologically assisted) by ETs.

Our Cosmic Ancestors is a dynamic work unraveling the messages of these „universal astronauts” and decoding the symbols and visual mathematics they have left for us in the Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge, the Mayan calendar, the Maltese Cross and the Sumerian zodiac.

VIDEO: Unsolved Mysteries of the Human Race (Klaus Dona)

The book is captivating reading from beginning to end. However Mr. Chatelain’s purpose in sharing these exciting discoveries lies in the hope that all humans will extend their horizons, to release fear of the unknown just enough that another generation will exhibit growing curiosity to continue the search for signs of purposeful nurturing of this planet. >>> DETALII

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