UFO STUDY: A Handbook for Enthusiasts

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This manuscript represents Part One of an updated and expanded version of Jenny Randles’ classic work UFO Study (originally published in 1981); this particular work including the text relevant to UFO investigation. When first presented this book presented a unique attempt to provide a concise guide to many required skills and techniques. It was especially noteworthy in being written from a largely British perspective, in a form accessible to a general audience. This important work has unfortunately been too long out of print; hence, the decision was made to issue this amended PDF edition of UFO Study (split into two sections to facilitate downloading). In both parts much of the original text has been retained, but updated and expanded to fully reflect the realities – and also the opportunities – of 21st century ufology. It is hoped the act of making this work freely available will aid the proliferation of “best practice” within British UFO investigation.

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Since the first edition of this work was written there have been a number of significant developments within the subject. UFOIN, an active body in 1981 and featured widely here,eventually merged into BUFORA a few years later. Two decades later various social changes (most notably the proliferation of the Internet – which indirectly made information on UFOs more widely available) resulted in BUFORA having to effectively downsize itself in order to weather this situation. In 2007 many local groups persist, but – for reasons too complicated to go into here – the various co-operative initiatives that effectively defined British Ufology during the 1970’s and 1980’s are no longer in vogue. UFO reports (at the time of writing) are also now more rarefied than in 1981, although significant events still nonetheless occur. Successive technological innovations have also resulted in the widespread use of powerful multi-media computers and similar digitalbased devices over the past three decades.

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While this has revolutionised the field of interpersonal communications (as most notably represented by the Internet) it has also resulted in the proliferation of sophisticated graphic software capable of fabricating highly realistic UFO images. Lastly, some would also argue the UFO phenomenon itself has also notably changed over the past three decades – the subject being presently dominated by sightings of “flying triangles” and “alien abduction” claims. Nonetheless, the knowledge base encapsulated within UFO Study remains as valid and relevant in 2007 as it was in 1981! (Robert Moore. November 2007) >>> Download PDF (4 MB)

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