Mr. Spock in a Box: Logic and Prosperity

9 sept. , 2016   Video

mr-spock-in-a-box-logic-and-prosperity-box-1 In the Star Trek(R) universe, the Enterprise’s chief science officer Spock personifies taking a logical approach to life’s problems and experiences. The Mr. Spock Logic and Prosperity Box encourages fans to tap into their inner Vulcan and take inspiration from Spock’s cool, capable calm, depicting him in a unique hand-painted bust while giving the Vulcan salute to ‘live long and prosper.’ The set comes complete with a display stand and booklet filled with advice for being mr-spock-in-a-box-logic-and-prosperity-box-2analytical and objective while dealing with human emotions, as well as philosophical quotes and images of Spock in action. Perfect for the office, mantle, starship bridge, or anywhere else rational thought and tidings of prosperity might come in handy. >>> DETALII

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