Secretul lumii lui Johannes Kepler

20 sept. , 2016   Video

secretul-lumii-al-lui-johannes-keplerThe world model of the Mysterium Cosmo. Made this idea for a world-building plan Johannes Kepler, the young math teacher unwillingly, who would prefer to become a theologian, and then it was the greatest astronomer of modern times, in 1596 shot to fame: he turned the five Platonic body so as spacers between the planetary orbits that its size was sufficient to explain exactly what was then state of knowledge. His book, he added the famous copper engraving, which still adorns every history of astronomy.

To date, the model was never built, with a few exhibits like the planetarium in the Deutsches Museum in Munich. Kepler would have had his great joy the fact that today, 510 years after the publication of his book, a spatial model is available, the beauty and the harmonious balance of this fascinating idea, and direct experience makes clear. A delicious gift, actually a must for every lover of astronomy! >>> DETALII

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