Somebody Else Is On The Moon

12 dec. , 2016   Video

„I stood in the marble lobby of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration building in the shadow of the Capitol, staring at a glossy photograph, barely aware of the crowds bumping me as they streamed to lunch. It was just one of the thousands of photos taken by NASA in its lunar program. But it was hard to keep my hands from trembling. What I saw was fantastic, unbelievable. It proved to me that the Moon was not as they presented it to us – a dead satellite having only strategic and basic research interest. The photograph, with others in my collection, fairly screamed out the evidence that the Moon has life on it.

“Read the books, read the lore, start to understand what has really been going on, because there is no doubt that we are being visited… The universe that we live in is much more wondrous, exciting, complex and far reaching than we were ever able to know up to this point in time… [Mankind has long wondered if we’re] alone in the universe. [But] only in our period do we really have evidence. No, we’re not alone.”

– Dr. Edgar Mitchell, ScD., NASA astronaut
(6th man to walk on the moon) (SURSA)

VIDEO: Edgar Mitchell, Brian O’Leary, Gordon Cooper

There was no denying a the truth which shone through: the Moon is occupied by an intelligent race or rates which probably moved in from outside the solar system. The Moon is firmly in the possession of these occupants. Evidence of Their presence is everywhere: on the surface, on the near side and the hidden side, in the craters, on the maria, and in the highlands. They are changing its face. Suspicion or recognition of that triggered the U.S. and Soviet Moon programs – which may not really be so much a race as a desperate cooperation.” (George H. Leonard) (SURSA) >>> DETALII

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