19 sept. , 2016  

planeta-jupiterThe largest planet in our solar system between Mars and Saturn. As can already be distinguished with relatively primitive telescopes niceties like the moons of Jupiter or the major gas bands, Jupiter played in the beginnings of modern astronomy an important role. Its moons are placed in the tradition of Galileo and the science education in conjunction. Even today, the gas giant is the focus of research. This allowed recently obtained by the Galileo spacecraft important insights into the atmospheric composition of Jupiter. The moon Europa is the focus of speculation about eventual life that might be hidden under its icy crust. This poster provides an overview of the planet, illustrated with many photos of NASA, the Hubble Space Telescope and ESA, the current state of research. Important phenomena are presented in a comprehensible basis of drawings and sketches. (Atentie, posterul este in limba germana!) >>> DETALII

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