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19 sept. , 2016   Video

poster-planet-marsMars is probably the planet of the solar system, the largest of the fascination exerted on us humans. Until the sixties of this century are held assumptions that had to find life on Mars. The starting point for these speculations were, among others by the Italian astronomer Chiaparelli discovered canals of Mars, whose non-existence, however, was soon proved by advanced telescopes. Even in our day is the red planet, which embodied the ancient Greek god of war, often for good headlines. A few years ago it was believed to have discovered traces of life in a meteorite from Mars, which turned out though in retrospect as very doubtful.

The landing of the Pathfinder spacecraft yielded stunning new shots that went around the world. Some of these pictures we have together with photographs that represent the Hubble Space Telescope and other NASA facilities available, summarized in a poster on Mars. Some important spacecraft and NASA probes have been traced by us. Accompanying texts speak on the geography, the weather Mars, the moons and so on. (Atentie, posterul este in limba germana!) >>> DETALII

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    If we see the planet mars without the help of instruments like telescope or from the space. The Mars appears red in color. To know why the Mars appears red in color learn more…..
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