Poster SOARE

20 sept. , 2016   Video

poster-soareleThe sun is the center of our solar system. It originated 4.6 billion years ago along with the other large bodies of the solar system from a rotating, slowly condensing gas and dust disk. The sun is in relation to their size and luminosity of an average star, whose life might be a few billion years. The enormous amounts of energy that are in the sun by nuclear fusion and radiated continuously, form the basis for almost all terrestrial life forms. Until today, many physical phenomena that are observed on the sun, still not fully understood – it affects no other celestial bodies of our everyday life as much as the sun. The mere description of human history through the millennia of traditional religious aspects of solar observation fills volumes. Today we watch the sun probably more intense than our ancestors: solar spacecraft such as SOHO send data around the clock to the earth, and even in modern times can still trigger this frantic action. For example, if it comes as a result of strong explosions on the sun to significant disruption of electronic equipment on satellites and on the ground. This poster, created in collaboration with Prof. Schwenn from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research was created, summarizes the most important thing along with our star. >>> DETALII

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