The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes

7 dec. , 2016   Video

the-cycle-of-cosmic-catastrophesNEW SCIENCE / EARTH CHANGES: Newly discovered scientific proof validating the legends and myths of ancient floods, fires, and weather extremes. Presents new scientific evidence revealing the cause of the end of the last ice age and the cycles of geological events and species extinctions that followed. Connects physical data to the dramatic earth changes recounted in oral traditions around the world. Describes the impending danger from a continuing cycle of catastrophes and extinctions.

„The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes tells a fascinating, remarkable, and scientifically convincing story that will change how we look at our world. The important conclusion that catastrophes like this could happen again at any time should inspire a united global effort to confront this serious danger to Earth.” (Professor Anders Nilsson, Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Stanford University, and the Department of Physics, Stockholm University, Sweden)

There are a number of puzzling mysteries in the history of the earth that have yet to be satisfactorily explained by mainstream science: the extinction of the mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, the vanishing of ancient Indian tribes, the formation of the mysterious Carolina Bays, the wild temperature swings at the end of the Ice Age, and the cause of huge underwater landslides that sent massive tsunamis racing across the oceans millennia ago. Eyewitness accounts of these events are chronicled in rich oral traditions handed down through generations of native peoples. The authors’ recent scientific discoveries link all these events to a single cause.

„Reads like a mystery novel while presenting hard evidence for a cosmic catastrophe 13,000 years ago that rendered mammoths and many other large North American animals extinct. This is serious research presented in an easy-to-read style.” (Bob Kobres, Carolina Bay Archivist, University of Georgia Libraries)

In „The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes”, Richard Firestone, Allen West, and Simon Warwick-Smith present new scientific evidence about a series of prehistoric cosmic events at the end of the Ice Age. Their findings validate the ubiquitous legends and myths of floods, fires, and weather extremes passed down by our ancestors and show how these legendary events relate to each other. Their findings also support the idea that we are entering a thousand-year cycle of increasing danger and possibly a new cycle of extinctions.  >>> DETALII

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Sumerian Tablet – Planet X Nibiru (?)



Eye in Triangle – Uroboros – Sun & Sirius & Black Hole Gravity (?) (Interpretation by

Francisco de Holanda – “De Aetatibus Mundi Imagines” (1543–1573):

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