The Hollow Earth

17 sept. , 2016   Video

the-hollow-earthDr. Raymond Bernard was a pseudonym, and his bizarre book was a 60s classic of weird UFO literature. Said the original back cover copy for the book: Revealed! The Underground World of Supermen Discovered Under the North Pole! Can you explain the following? Why does one find tropical seeds, plants and trees floating in the fresh water of icebergs? Why do millions of tropical birds and animals go farther north in the wintertime? If it is not hollow and warm inside the Earth at the Poles, then why does colored pollen color the Earth for thousands of miles? Why is it warmer at the Poles than 600 to 1000 miles away from them? Why does the north wind in the Arctic get warmer as one sails north beyond 70° latitude? On top of all of, Admiral Byrd supposed made several journeys inside the earth by traveling through the holes in the poles. Could there be anything to Bernard s bizarre claims? Chapters include: UFOs and Governmental Secrecy; Admiral Byrd s Epoch-Making Discovery; The Hollow Earth; William Reed s Book, Phantom of the Poles ; Marshall B. Gardner s Book, A Journey to the Earth s Interior ; Was the North Pole Really Discovered?; The Origin of the Eskimos; The Subterranean Origin of the Flying Saucers; Description of a Theoretical Aerial Expedition into the Polar Opening Leading to the Hollow Interior of the Earth; Agharta, The subterranean World; Flying Saucers, Propulsion and Relativity; more. Heavily illustrated. >>> DETALII



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