Crystal Skulls & The Enigma Of Time

21 nov. , 2016   Video

Among the most mysterious of sacred objects turning up around the world are carved crystal skulls often used in Mayan rites . Patricia Mercier embarked on a quest to unlock their secrets, and has produced a spine-tingling saga of sacred ceremonies, armed holdups, inner journeys, and weirdly cosmological stacks of tortillas that spans the globe. […]

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15 sept. , 2016   Video

Indiana Jones : Raiders Of The Lost Ark [1981]. Renumitul arheolog si expert in stiintele oculte, Dr. Indiana Jones (Harrisonn Ford) este angajat de catre Guvernul SUA sa gaseasca legendara Arca a legamantului care se presupune ca mai pastreaza ascunse tabelele cu cele 10 Porunci. Din nefericire, agenti ai Gestapo-ului, temuta politie secreta nazista sunt […]

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